-Professional Workstations, Windows 2000 & Linux File Servers for 10 to 10k clients

-8 way Rendering & Calculative Servers for 3D or DNA work

-Ultra High Powered CAD, Programming & Gaming stations

-Finest Laptops money can buy, for personal, artists, professionals & developers

-MiniITX and Small Form Factor PCs with Lindows OS or WinXP

-Most Configured/Personalized PCs on the Planet, Guaranteed!

-Fastest P4, Athlon XP, Opteron series CPUs for Home & Business

-Featuring Intel 865G, 875P and nVidia "nForce2" chipset based systems

-Awesome Home systems for our Clients

-Professional Network & Domain Hosting service with Style

-Professional Web Site Authoring, Specializing in 3D Art and Flash

-Lindows OS 4.x the coolest alternative to Microsoft's 2000/XP

-Specialized PC and Laptop just for the Lindows OS


Check out our exceedingly Extreme workstation specifications by clicking on the above image. How about a Terabyte array, 3200+, nForce2 Delta. ATI FireGL X2 256, 3 - 19" NEC flat panel displays, full THX and Dolby surround... the perfect Developer's environment !

"Panorama" 17" Wide Screen Laptop for Professionals. The Panorama has a  1400 x 900 max res. screen with extended laptop keyboard which includes a 10 Key pad for hugely improved number entry compared with all other laptops. The BlueZebra Panorama comes with up to 3.06GHz P4 Desktop CPU, ATI Radeon Mobility 9000 AGP video, a small but great sounding sub-woofer/stereo speaker (best of any laptop ever produced anyway) and an integrated Internet video cam built into the display, totally Cool!... want to know more, Click on the Panorama image.

"WalkAbout" The Toughest, Lightest, Fastest Laptop in the world. The WalkAbout has a  Magnesium shell, nearly water proof, very high shock resistance, very tough, 1st of it's kind with Via's P4 chipset for Mobile P4 2.4GHz and DDR. Full DVD playback as well as full CDRW capabilities, very cool! ...want to know more, Click on the WalkAbout image .

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BlueZebra Clients, you now have choice of either "NeoMail",  "Horde Mail" or Squirrelmail Web based e-mail access. Horde mail is very full featured with Calendar, Tasks, Memos and Address Book with Import/Export capabilities, giving it backup capabilities as well. NeoMail has small buttons and lots of room to read your messages but no import/export capability. Squirrelmail allows standard Web based e-mail access from public libraries, schools and universities where no others can. Our mail server is now equipped with "SPAMAssasin" too!

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