-Intel Celeron 2.4GHz (128k cache, 100FSB, much faster then previous Celerons)

    -SiS 650GX chipset based motherboard (AOpen ntegrated video, Ethernet, sound, very fast)

    -512MB DDR SDRAM (PC2100, proper RAM type for this system)

    -20GB Maxtor UltraATA133 7200rpm Hard drive (plenty large, fast and quiet)

    -embedded Real256TM series video (excellent workstation video with lite 3D & strong 2D)

    -Built in Intel UltraATA 133 (this really makes this workstation enjoyable to work on)

    -AC97 2.2 integrated sound technology / MS710 (elegant looking, quality sounding)

    -Realtek integrated 10/100 Ethernet auto-sense controller (particularly good with a switch)

    -Std. 3.5" Floppy Drive (reliable, typical floppy drive)

    -MicroATX case w/180watt P4 cert. (ideal case for this system. Small & attractive, but tough)

    -15" BenQ Flat Panel Display (small foot print, no radiation, tough, 3yr. total warranty)

    -Elite900 Win9x/NTx Professional Workstation PS/2 keyboard / Logitech Scrolling mouse

    -Windows 2000 or XP Pro , (everything fully configured including OpenOffice)

    Price = $1239.00 w/ Limited Lifetime Warranty


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