Yep, we have the usual variety of Internet services such as Domain hosting, Web page design Intranet & Extranet building and design.  We'll be posting our Site Resume here shortly with lots of entertaining art and design.   Prices are fairly typical, maybe a bit lower than most, e-mail for details.

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"The World is exactly what you believe it is.  Expect love, great and wonderful things and that is exactly what you will get. Fear is no fun, it brings itīs own reality about.  Love & accept everyone, dwell on anything beautiful & good"

Anthony Robbins

The BlueZebra Site Hosting Servers are located on a 3GB/sec backbone that has a history of 99.9% uptime. Our servers are industrial quality, RedHat 7.3 based, capable of handling large hit volumes and many Domains, though we limit how many Domains reside on each server.

We are currently offering a nice FREE hosting package to those who purchase any software from our commerce partner, CoffeeCup Software (click link below for more info)

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"Bringing Idealism to technology"

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BlueZebra Clients, you now have choice of either "NeoMail",  "Horde Mail" or Squirrelmail Web based e-mail access. Horde mail is very full featured with Calendar, Tasks, Memos and Address Book with Import/Export capabilities, giving it backup capabilities as well. NeoMail has small buttons and lots of room to read your messages but no import/export capability. Squirrelmail allows standard Web based e-mail access from public libraries, schools and universities where no others can. Our mail server is now equipped with "SPAMAssasin" too!

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