The Lindows OS 4.0 Desktop.  Based on Debian Linux, the Lindows OS is probably the first Linux distribution to truly break into the "Home User Desktop PC" market, beating all competition in 2 very important ways.

In the incredible ease with which the end user can download and automatically install thousands of excellent software applications, at no extra charge for an entire year for a base fee of $129/year. "Lindows Membership". The other way is in the area of stability, I have found Lindows OS 4.0 to be wondefully stable, very PnP and easy to use.

Occasionally, when an application faulters, the user has an easy option to terminate the application, but never, in my experience has the OS seized or spontaniously rebooted.

The applications available to the "Click-N-Run" warehouse are remarkably excellent, applications such as StarOffice 6, Gimp (PhotoShop Clone), Gaim (Great IM client), GNUCash (Quicken type personal accounting), Evolution (excellent Outlook replacement), lots of great MP3 support apps, media players, tons of great games and so much more.

I have noted the lack of a good Business Accounting solution and missing or weak software in other areas, but considering that Lindows is so new, it's remarkable what's available and encouraging to see what will be coming available in the next year.

I'm so excited about Lindows OS that I have designed the fastest, highest quality, most feature rich Lindows OS based PC currently available on Planet Earth (as of Dec 2002 anyway) in the Lindows System pages of the BlueZebra Web site.

Another cool Lindows 3.xx Desktop with grouped applications by category. Lindows is by far easier then any other Linux distribution to configure and personalize and the results are far more elegant and attractive.  In many ways it's also easier and certainly faster to personalize and configure then WinXP.

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