Simple easy to maintain networking, thatīs what we specialize in and we teach it to your system admin staff so they can handle most everything from then on.

These days having mixed network of Linux, NT, Win2K/XP is really no problem

Everything we do in networking is designed to save you money and time. We use technologies such as "Imaging", Logical File & Directory naming protocols and relational network security protocols to make networking easy for everyone to deal with (even the most computer challenged)  More info on ideal Networking.

Hardware is very important so we use 3COM and Intel NICs (Network Interface Cards), 3COM Routers and Switches. We also use only the finest grade of Cat5 cabling including Fire Rated Cat5 cabling where code requires and 802.11a Wireless networking.

"Because Life really is about Networking... with each other, our neighbors, the World"

Larry Ellison, CEO, Oracle

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"Bringing Idealism to technology"

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BlueZebra Clients, you now have choice of either "NeoMail",  "Horde Mail" or Squirrelmail Web based e-mail access. Horde mail is very full featured with Calendar, Tasks, Memos and Address Book with Import/Export capabilities, giving it backup capabilities as well. NeoMail has small buttons and lots of room to read your messages but no import/export capability. Squirrelmail allows standard Web based e-mail access from public libraries, schools and universities where no others can. Our mail server is now equipped with "SPAMAssasin" too!

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