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The BlueZebra "Panorama" is not for everyone but if you are a professional who needs mobility, a BIG screen and a 10 Key pad then the Panorama really is your only choice in the market today.

As a professional I personally don't mind the weight (just over 9lbs.) so much as I need and like having a large screen, 3D capabilities, best sound in a laptop and a full keyboard. I've discovered with the Panorama that my productivity is much better than a regular laptop especially when I have to "work the numbers". The 10 key pad is invaluable in my experience. The only time my productivity takes a hit is when I get lost in the gorgeous look of one of my favorite DVDs while working and lose focus...

Though the battery life is only about 2 hours on the Panorama, I still prefer the workstation version of the Intel P4 processor 3.06GHz basically because it always is working at full speed and I like things to be as fast as possible because our time is precious.

The DVD playback on this thing is just awesome and when appropriate I sometimes will play through the integrated sound system which includes a small sub-woofer, producing the best sound of any laptop I have ever heard. I still prefer to listen through Bose head phones but occasionally it's nice to not wear a headset and just enjoy the Panorama's integrated sound at a lower volume.

As professionals, our most valuable commodity is our time. I personally like everything in order on my systems, well organized and fully configured and personalized so I can get right to work without delay.  I like to treat every client the way I'd like to be treated so every BlueZebra laptop has an "Executive Configuration" or "ExecConfig" for short. Basically, this is where WinXP Pro is configured to the ninth degree so that you don't have to do it. The ExecConfig consists of the following special features, unique to BlueZebra alone:

  • Memory and OS optimizations for maximum performance and stability
  • Optimal Hard Drive data layout & platter relationship (how the OS, programs & data are laid out on the hard drive platters)
  • Centralized data location or "Personal Data Store" where all data is located under one root folder allowing greatly improved data access and backup (it used to be thought that this was just not possible with any  Windows OS)
  • Interface optimization, as you can perhaps see in actual Windows Desktop in the Panorama above, the interface is simple and focused. BlueZebra uses simple "Feng Shui" princples in the design of the BlueZebra WinXP or Lindows desktop for maximum organization and efficiency of application and data access
  • Restoration of client data to "personal data store" prior to shipment of the new system, if client desires it * (you get your laptop delivered with your latest data in place ready for use, no one offers this anywhere, see info page about this for more details)
  • Instead of a typical Emergency Restore routine, BlueZebra provides with every system produced a special post production Emergency Restore CD set for total restoration of the system back to it's orginal pre-delivery state which includes all client specific customizations and personalizations including, if desired, client data as set forth on the "Client Data Handling" page. This is considered a best case scenario restore but does loose ALL data and programs installed prior to Emergency Restoration.

Because BlueZebra is a smaller organization we are  taking out a special insurance policy covered by AIG which guarantees that 24/7 tech support and 3 year depot warranty service will be carried out on every laptop whether we stay in business or not. Of course we are planning on being around for a long time but I feel our professionals deserve the peace of mind that comes with an insurance policy of this kind.

Sheridan Tinder
Founder, BlueZebra.Inc

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