The Panorama really is the ultimate "Professional" laptop with it's 17" wide screen display, full keyboard which includes 10 Key numeric entry pad and integrated auto-connect 802.11b WiFi (wireless).  "I find that I can have combinations of applications open and visable all the time with the Panorama that I could never have with a regular laptop" T.Thatcher, Ashland, OR

The Panorama has a big display so the overall dimensions of the Panorama are a bit big (15.5" x 10.8" x 1.7") and the weight a bit more then most laptops at just over 9lbs. not including the AC adapter, case and whatever else you like to carry around.

Many Professionals may just like the idea of an occasionally mobile workstation where the Panorama mostly sits in an office looking sexy and awaiting usage, while others like myself, won't mind a little extra weight in exchange for screen size and just lug it around in one of our cool laptop bags designed to make the Panorama easy to handle in the professional mobile lifestyle.

Port layout on the back of the Panorama is pretty straight forward and typical, from right to left: 10/100 Fast Ethernet, V.90 Modem, PS/2 (for your mouse or external keyboard, S-Video output (to your TV or...), Parallel Port (for older printers), CRT Port (connect a 2nd Display for duplicate or extended display arrangements), 2 USB ports and the DC-in Jack.

...of course, the main reason I wanted the Panorama was to have a 10 Key pad for number entry.  OK, maybe the 17" wide screen display had something to do with it as well...

...I tend to hit the wrong keys a lot on normal laptops but with the Panorama, I feel like I never miss a key. Though the Alps Touch Pad seemed smallish to me at first, I quickly saw the simple genius in this design. The slightly inset Alps Touch Pad prevented almost any accidental cursor relocation and it's feel and action are smooth and precise.

<The cool aluminum "ATI" logo on the upper right subtly suggests the power of the integrated ATI Radeon Mobility 9000 AGP video controller, one of the very best in our industry for laptops with remarkable perfection of DVD playback and pretty good 3D performance. I tried out "HalfLife" on the Panorama to get an idea of what to expect in the way of 3D performance. ...HalfLife never looked so impressive as it did here as did Unreal Tourmament, WarCraft III and many other titles.

Though the Panorama is a Professional's laptop, I was very pleased with it's 3D performance, DVD playback and 2D quality!

Sheridan Tinder
Founder, BlueZebra.Inc

You can see a little hint of copper here >
which denotes the exhaust port for the special Heat Pipe cooler technology integrated into the Panorama and next to it the integrated LFEC (Low Frequency Enhancement Chamber) which is in part what gives the Panorama the best integrated sound of any laptop ever sold (of course it's always best to use quality headphones for maximum enjoyment of say, your favorite DVD movie)

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