Our Systems are pretty straight forward. Like everyone else we use AMD & Intel OEM CPUs.

We have found over the years that using highend, name brand core components with high, direct factory warranties in our systems simply produces the lowest RMA rates and highest client satisfaction through individual experience of the highest performance mixed with the best stability and longevity. In examining every component we can truly say "this is among the best if not the best our industry has to offer" in each category. Part of the reason for this is simply, we are enthusiasts too and very idealistic about our industry.

Currently BlueZebra offers the Desktop systems in areas where BlueZebra service technicians can directly setup and service the systems, ONLY, thus there is no option to purchase any of the Desktop configurations. Laptops ARE AVAILABLE for mail order purchase primarily because these are Depot serviced through Philips Priority Warranty Service for 4 years!

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BlueZebra is now a Verified reseller with PayPal and highly recommends PayPal for all your online purchasing needs. Click the logo to find out more!

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BlueZebra Clients, you now have choice of either "NeoMail",  "Horde Mail" or Squirrelmail Web based e-mail access. Horde mail is very full featured with Calendar, Tasks, Memos and Address Book with Import/Export capabilities, giving it backup capabilities as well. NeoMail has small buttons and lots of room to read your messages but no import/export capability. Squirrelmail allows standard Web based e-mail access from public libraries, schools and universities where no others can. Our mail server is now equipped with "SPAMAssasin" too!

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