TherMagic unit fully installed in an Antec style case with 2 vent - fan mounts.

The TherMagic unit in fact mounts in one of these spots as you can see and uses plastic fasteners to mount the unit securely..

The primary pluses with this system are the noise level and fully contained nature of the unit. The noise level is very low as the 2 fans contained with in the unit, one at each end, are reasonably quiet. One thing is for sure it is so much quieter then the Copper Dynatron / 50cfm fan it replaces, not to mention the 120mm case fan that kept cool air flow high in the case, it seemed at first to be totally silent.

I'm still working on the case fan arrangement to best support overall noise and cooling levels throughout the case but I expect that the whole arrangement to be much quieter then any combination I've tried so far.

I just love the simplicity of this thing. No web of tubes to secure, no radiator, no fluid container on the back of the case, no special sensors or switches and best of all a lot less worry. You know the worry you have that some small part of your new water cooler is going to leak and consequently dribble all over your $125 MoBo or worse.

So what does this thing cost? That's good news too, just under $100 . Not bad for a PC water cooler to be sure.

The TherMagic is fully factory sealed and guaranteed / warrantied for a year. Like all of the other coolers of this type, no warranty is expressed or implied regarding your precious hardware, at all.

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