The BlueZebra "WalkAbout" using
the Intel Mobile P4 2.4GHz CPU

- Intel P4M 2.4GHz (The Mobile P4 is the latest CPU specifically for Laptops, cool, fast, low power use)
- CPU "On-Die" 512K L2 cache (on the CPU, this cache seriously improves OS level acceleration)
- Via P4N266 corelogic chipset (supports DDR SDRAM at 133MHz with 400MHz Front Side Bus, the very best)
- Via ProSavageDDR 32MB integrated Video controller (new quality, integrated video controller for laptops)
- 640MB of DDR SDRAM memory (DoubleDataRate SDRAM memory, the very fastest available)
- 14" SXGA TFT Active Matrix Display (up to 1024x768 display resolution, excellent display)
- VGA port, Extra Display and/or other display output (typical of most highend laptops)
- 40GB IBM TravelStar UltraATA/100 Hard Drive (the fastest, toughest mobile hard drive available)
- 8x DVD / 8x CDRW Toshiba combo drive (reads all CD formats including DVD, CD, CDR. CDRW, CDI etc.)
- 10/100 Ethernet fully integrated (ability to connect to other computers and broadband, built in)
- V.90 56K Modem fully integrated (supports Dialup modalities of any kind)
- 3 USB 2.0 ports for Digital camera or USB keyboard and/or USB mouse
- IEEE 1394 (Firewire) for Digital Video and/or external drives
- 1 Type II PCMCIA Slot for Wireless Ethernet support
- ECP Parallel Port, PS/2 port, VGA port, Mic port, Speaker port
- 8 cell Li-Ion 57.5watt battery (Lithium-Ion battery provides a maximum of 2.5hrs under optimal settings)
- With Optional 3 additional Years (Total = 4 Years) depot warranty coverage (added $250 to total unit cost)
- 5.3lbs (very light for a full sized laptop)
- Drop Specification:  Certified on MIL STD 810E, Method 516.4, Procedure IV
- Vibration: MIL STD 810E, Method 514.4, Procedure I, Category 10, Fig16 and 17 / ASTM 4169,
   Truck Transport, 11.5.2 Random Test, Assurance Level II (These ratings simply mean that this is very tough)
- Windows XP + + full Photo manipulation suite + lite Flow Charting solution & much more!

                     Total = $2995.00 + $60* = $3055.00 (*for Fed Ex insured 2 Day shipping USA only)

Note: We are curremtly running 2 weeks behind on production because of our "ExecConfig" production modaility which requires approx. 6 hours per unit for total configuration, total personalization with all users fully setup and XP fully tweaked and updated for the best Laptop / User experience on the planet!

    *Price and specifications subject to change without notice

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