Warranty is a really big deal these days and it´s not hard to figure out why.

It´s tough to compete with the big boys but we think we´ve got them beat in every catagory and this one is no different.

What if (God forbid) we went out of business, where would our clients be with warranty and support service?

Because we use only name brand hardware, you have warranty and a certain amount of service direct from the factories that make the hardware and we list for you all the Tech Support and Warranty service numbers from each of our manufacturer´s factories.

Factories such as Diamond offer 5 year warranties direct from them on the Viper770 (when you register with them) for instance, each of the hard drive manufacturers has 3 year warranty direct from them, monitor makers, same thing, 3 year warranty direct from the factory. We actually base our warranty structure on the manufacturer´s stated warranty on each component.

Limited Lifetime is just this simple:

ANY failures outside of the stated warranty period are replaced Labor Free for the lifetime of the original owner with the replacement component at wholesale cost.

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